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A sharp-witted, debut high fantasy farce featuring killer moat squid, toxic masculinity, evil wizards and a garlic festival - all at once. Perfect for fans of T. Kingfisher, K. J. Parker and Travis Baldree.

It’s bad enough waking up in a half-destroyed evil wizard’s workshop with no eyebrows, no memories, and no idea how long you have before the Dread Lord Whomever shows up to murder you horribly and then turn your skull into a goblet or something.

It’s a lot worse when you realize that Dread Lord Whomever is… you.

Gav isn’t really sure how he ended up with a castle full of goblins, or why he has a princess locked in a cell. All he can do is play along with his own evil plan in hopes of getting his memories back before he gets himself killed. 

But as he realizes that nothing – from the incredibly tasteless cloak adorned with flames to the aforementioned princess – is quite what it seems, Gav must face up to all the things the Dread Lord Gavrax has done. And he’ll have to answer the hardest question of all – who does he want to be?

A high fantasy farce featuring killer moat squid, toxic masculinity, an evil wizard convocation, and a garlic festival. All at once. All in all, Dread Lord Gavrax has had better weeks.

About the Author

Caitlin Rozakis has had too many career changes, including mechanical engineering (cut short after the murderous robot incident), finance (amortizing tequila receivables is not as fun as drinking tequila), and the American Museum of Natural History (who knew emus had birth certificates?). Now she specializes in tech marketing and lives in Jersey City with her husband and son. Her short fiction has been featured in multiple anthologies and publications including Cast of Wonders, Aurealis, Daily Science Fiction, Weirdbook, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won LUMINA’s 2018 Speculative Fiction contest. Dreadful is her first novel. Visit her online at www.caitlinrozakis.com.

Praise For…

"Adding a surprising dose of heart to her quick-witted tale, Rozakis demonstrates her excellent comedic timing and keen ability to keep readers guessing. This clever, high-energy fantasy is a delight."  –Publishers Weekly 

"An absolutely magnificent comedic fantasy with a hint of bite. This book was a witty, empathetic,
and genuinely funny meditation on the nature of good and evil. It was easily one of the best books I've read this year."
Olivia Atwater

"DREADFUL is pure fun. Caitlin Rozakis delivers a (loving) send up of classic fantasy tropes alongside a compelling redemption story and plenty of quirky humour. The Dread Lord Gavrax (or Gav, as his memoryless alter ego prefers) is a fantastic character, alternately chilling and sympathetic, and readers will also love the cast of seemingly stock fantasy characters with endearing hidden depths. Highly recommended."
Heather Fawcett, bestselling author of Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries

“It was very kind of Caitlin Rozakis to write this book for me. Sure, the rest of you should like it too, but it was clearly written for me, with all the elements I love: fun and humor, breaking fantasy tropes, interesting and complex questions about identity and redemption, and some delightful goblins!”  -Jim C. Hines, author of Goblin Quest

"A spellbinding (literally) massacre of all our favourite tropes, underscored with a pleasing dry wit."
Tom Holt

"Caitlin Rozakis cleverly takes the tropes of a fantasy story and upends them in  creative and entertaining ways, freshening the genre."
Robert Greenberger, Editor, Thrilling Adventure Yarns

"With a unique and razor-sharp voice, Rozakis cleverly flips the script on your typical swords-and-sorcery fantasy in Dreadful, with a bumbling dark wizard, a grumpy kidnapped princess, and a crew of smarter-than-they-seem sycophants and goblins who actually run the place. Magic and adventure meet absurdity in a tale that turns tropes on their heads while delivering unexpected twists, clever banter, and irreverent humor. Readers will tear through this quick-witted and fast-paced novel and search eagerly for Rozakis's next creation."
Mary Fan

"Outrageously funny and self aware, Dreadful is perfect for fans of The Princess Bride. Rozakis blends wit and whimsy with a deft hand in this charming debut that had me laughing with every page-turn. A vital addition to the cozy fantasy genre"
Rosiee Thor, author of Tarnished are the Stars

"Caitlin Rozakis's debut novel, Dreadful, is an absolute delight. Her characters, from the conflicted Gav to the supporting cast, are fully realized and believable beings within their fantastical world. The plot is fast-paced and by turns funny, horrifying, and utterly relatable. I didn't want it to end, even as I kept reading "just one more page" because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next."
Hildy SIlverman

“Rozakis has conjured a spellbinding debut that is just what it seems to be: clever, whimsical, and a little spicy.” — E.C. Myers, Nebula Award–winning author

"Dreadful is magnificent! Fun, funny, and brilliantly insightful, this book is such a joy! I absolutely loved every second of it!" - Sarah Beth Durst, award-winning author of The Bone Maker

“It’s rare to find a book where you don’t know who to root for . . . because you like so many characters, even some of the “evil” ones! Dreadful is funny and sweet and scary by turns, and a ton of fun all the way through. But my money’s still on the squid.” -Aaron Rosenberg, author of the cozy urban fantasy Yeti Left Home and many others

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ISBN: 9781803365473
ISBN-10: 1803365471
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: May 28th, 2024
Pages: 352
Language: English