We Love the Nightlife (Hardcover)

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Locked in a toxic female friendship, two vampires careen toward catastrophe in this dark and dazzling page-turner, set amidst London's glittering disco scene.

London 1979. Two women with a deep love for disco meet one fateful night on the dance floor, changing the course of both their lives forever. 

Nicola, a beautiful and brooding vampire for nearly two centuries, can’t resist fun-loving and feisty Amber from America, ultimately offering an eternity together where the glamour of nightlife always takes center stage.

But not all is what it seems.

Nearly fifty years later, after an unexpected betrayal, Amber wants out from under Nicola’s thumb, but it won’t be so simple to break up this festering friendship when she learns others have done the same—and wound up dead

Sensing Amber’s restlessness and in one last play to keep her close, Nicola proposes they open a nightclub of their very own, hearkening back to their best days as dancing queens. 

Amber agrees but she’s secretly hatching a dangerous escape plan. And if she fails…the party is over for good.

About the Author

Rachel Koller Croft is the author of Stone Cold Fox and We Love the Nightlife. She’s also a WGA award-nominated screenwriter. Rachel lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Charles, and their rescue pitbull, Juniper.

Praise For…

"A fresh take on vampire lore and frenemies galore! We Love the Nightlife is a seductive and suspenseful narrative that explores the complexities of friendship, loyalty, autonomy, and the timeless allure of the night. Prepare to be mesmerized."
Liv Constantine, bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish

"Glitzy and glamorous, We Love the Nightlife is a deliciously original story about two female vampires locked into a toxic friendship doomed to last an eternity. Rachel Koller Croft perfectly balances both the addictive fun that comes with being forever young as well as the blood-curdling consequences that inevitably arise when you choose to live your life in the dark."  
Stacy Willingham, New York Times bestselling author of Only If You're Lucky

"We Love The Nightlife
is not only irresistibly glamorous and impossibly fun, it also delivers readers a tasty thriller twist: vampires. It’s not an exaggeration to say Rachel Koller Croft is a genre bending genius, and this novel, full of toxic female friendships, centuries-old feuds, and London disco is a SNACK. Trust me when I say: you’ll never want this party to end."
Katy Hays, New York Times bestselling author of The Cloisters

"While fashion and music trends may change, Rachel Koller Croft proves that vampires never go out of style. Especially when those vampires are disco-loving ‘it’ girls prowling the streets of London. A sultry and sparkling tale of female friendship gone wrong, I felt about this book the way I feel about any great night out on the town—I never wanted it to end."
Chandler Baker, New York Times bestselling author of Cutting Teeth

"Cinematic, immersive, heart-pumping, and so freaking cool—We Love the Nightlife is a dizzying thriller with all the delicious, chaotic energy of a night out on the town. I loved it!"
Andrea Bartz, New York Times bestselling author of We Were Never Here

"No one is writing glamorous, razor-tipped novels dripping with as much voice and style as Rachel Koller Croft. If Emerald Fennell, Studio 54, and The Lost Boys had an undead baby, it would be We Love the Nightlife, a story of toxic friendship among disco-loving vampires that’s more fun to binge than a bottle of champagne. Croft’s books are the ultimate good time not only because of her clever twists or bitingly honest depictions of women’s social lives, but because, like the best girl’s girl, they radiate a genuine love of women in all their fangs, finery, and fierceness. What a breath of fresh air."
Ashley Winstead, author of Midnight is the Darkest Hour
"We Love The Nightlife is a thrilling and bitingly sharp read from the very first needle drop. Croft has crafted a story that is both cinematic and affecting with unforgettable characters who may have a taste for blood but are still grappling with very human issues of identity and loss. An ode to disco and toxic friendships, this book is a truly wild ride." 
Ella Berman, author of Before We Were Innocent

"Put on your dancing shoes, this is the book equivalent of a wild night out. A glamorous, thrilling page-turner as effervescent as a French 75, that sinks its fangs into the complex power dynamic between two friends who both want to be the life of the party. Clever, inventive, and wickedly fun."
—Rachel Harrison, national bestselling author of Black Sheep

"Perfect skin. Eternal youth. Wicked hearts. Rachel Koller Croft reclaims the vampire story for disco queens who want to dance forever with their friends or die trying."
Nina Simon, New York Times bestselling author of Mother-Daughter Murder Night

"Two words: disco vampires. We Love the Nightlife takes that concept and turns it into a bloody game of shifting alliances around London’s glamorous nightclub scene. A biting work of paranormal fiction with the intensity of a thriller, this book is a party I didn't want to leave."
Clémence Michallon, author of The Quiet Tenant

“In We Love the Nightlife, the eternal bond of two women vampires devolves into an epic power struggle as they set out to open a nightclub in London. With vivid imagery and masterful prose, Rachel Koller Croft has penned a thoroughly enchanting and inventive novel that is simply irresistible!”
Wendy Walker, bestselling author of What Remains

"SO. MUCH. FUN. Walking the line between effervescent and unsettling, Rachel Koller Croft’s We Love the Nightlife delivers a glittery tale of two undead frenemies. In the decadent days of disco, Amber meets the charismatic vampire Nicola, who offers the gift of eternal life–at an unimaginable cost. Let’s toast a glass of the finest red to Croft’s slick and sexy tale." 
Julia Bartz, New York Times bestselling author of The Writing Retreat

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ISBN: 9780593547533
ISBN-10: 0593547535
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: August 20th, 2024
Pages: 384
Language: English